This unit performs alarm display and alarm output by the failure input signal from the protective relay etc.. It is an integrated product of the conventional relay circuit, alarm device, display lamp system, and it is possible to reduce wiring man-hours. In addition, it is possible to pass signals to the central monitoring unit with optional CC-Link communication output. Easily change the setting value by setting guidance of OLED.



  • Abundant I/O

    Standard equipment for fault / status input x8 points, external operation input x2 points, and alarm output x2 points (serious fault, minor fault).

  • Support for Operation Mode Switching

    Individual major fault (lighting color: red), minor fault (lighting color: amber), state (lighting color: white / green / blue / red). The operation mode can be freely selected.

  • CC-Link Compatible

    Distance monitoring of failure or status information is possible by CC-Link communication (option).

  • Test Function Installed

    Confirmation of the sequence operation (alarm display/alarm output/communication output) is possible without adding input.

  • Setting Function

    Easy setting with guidance display by OLED.


Compatible Size

It is 110mm square size which is the same size as our digital meters (ex. SQLC-110L). You can achieve a clean board layout when used in the system.

Indication by Full Color LED

The display lamp becomes bigger and brighter than our conventional annunciator, and the visibility of the alarm indication has improved. By adopting the full color LED, it is possible to freely set the combination of display colors of different status indications.

FSA-110 Dimentions

OLED Adopted

We adopted high contrast OLED on the front panel. You can perform intuitive operation while watching display such as test and setting.

Alarm Lamp and OEL Display


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