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This product controls reactive power of generator which operates in parallel with receiving and keeps the power factor of receiving area of demander side to be approx. 1 w/ high accuracy. There is a function w/ which reactive power of each generators are distributed proportionally when multiple generators are connected. Also ideal operation state of generator can be established by combining with separate automatic load distribution equipment(ALS-200R).



Receiving power factor control w/ high accuracy
This product can control receiving power factor to be a constant value as reactive power of generator is indirectly controlled.

Generator protection function
Limit value of reactive power which generator tolerates is inputted and control is performed for generator not to exceed the limit value.
This control is prioritized to receiving power factor control.

ON/OFF of phase advancing condenser.
ON/OFF of phase advancing condenser is possible from this equipment. Constant and stable receiving power factor control is possible w/o reactive power of generator reaching to limit value by selecting appropriate condenser bank.

Receiving power factor control failure detection.
Receiving power factor control is monitored certain times and failure is detected when control is impossible.

Operational sequence external designation.
Receiving or generator which is designated as start performs proportioning control as parallel operation. Start designation input should be in line with circuit breaker closing designation.

Input voltage/frequency out of range detection
Control of bus voltage and frequency is stopped when they are out of control range and LED is ON.

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automatic receiving power factor adjuster


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