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This product controls load distribution (proportional distribution control) of multiple generators automatically. Ideal generator unit no. control and proportional distribution control can be achieved w/ receiving power constant control and period setting according to load in parallel operation between receiving and multiple generators. Also receiving min. operation control and generator high output operation control can be selected by changeover of generator starting detection value and possible separation detection value.
Unit no. control/proportional distribution control/frequency control are performed in generator only parallel operation. Task from synchronizing of generator to parallel operation can be performed by combining with synchronizer, power factor adjuster or reactive power distribution equipment.


Easy setting
Various control value can be easily set by key operation.

Many varieties of display
Measured value display (digital display: 7 types)
Setting value display (digital display: 20 settings)
Control state display (LED display: 6 types)
Input state display setting value display (LED display: 7 settings)
Output state display setting value display (LED display: 6 settings)
Alarm state display setting value display (LED display: 2 settings)
Out of control range.

Ideal mean power/mean frequency control can be achieved even though there is large load fluctuation constantly by mean value period setting of power measuring.

Receiving constant power control value can be changed remotely from the distance. Also remote monitoring is possible by analog output.

Operational sequence can be freely designated externally.

Measure for receiving reverse power can be taken at heavy load shutdown.(w/ receiving load UP designation).

Each setting value can be guaranteed during power failure by non-volatile RAM.

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Automatic Load Sharing Device


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