Picture frame meter FK series BACK


2 types of picture frame meter (7 type and 5 type) w/ only scale part being in panel front.
This is a meter most suitable for electric/ electronic equipment measuring apparatus. Knife pointer is used for pointer and scale plate w/ mirror can be used for high accuracy. This product has excellent characteristics (ex. strong against vibration/ shock) and is conformed to JISC1102-1 to 9 standard w/ high reliability.


High quality/ high performance meter.

Product type has been expanded by adopting transducer w/ electronics technology.

Receiving indicator of physical quantity scale can be manufactured as process indicator.

Meter w/ knife pointer with mirror can be manufactured.

Flame retardant material is used.

One-touch mounting.

catalog for picture frame meter FK series catalog for all types of picture frame meter FK series e_FKseries_Revd.pdf
total page no.:41
type configuration/ specification/ scale section series common item including type configuration/ common specification/ common special specification/ scale section/ purchase specification/ scale section table. e_FK_kyotsuu_Revc.pdf
total page no.:10

Following catalog is the excerpt of Picture frame meter FK series catalog.
series FK-7C FK-5C catalog
product operation principle type class type class download
DC ammeter moving coil type FMK-7C 1.5 FMK-5C 2.5 e_FK_M_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
DC voltmeter FMK-7C 1.5 FMK-5C 2.5
DC receiving indicator moving coil type FXK-7C 1.5 FXK-5C 2.5 e_FK_XY_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
AC receiving indicator rectifier type FYK-7C 1.5 FYK-5C 2.5
AC ammeter rectifier type FCK-7C 1.5 FCK-5C 2.5 e_FK_C_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
AC voltmeter FCK-7C 1.5 FCK-5C 2.5
watthour meter single phase transducer type FWK-7C-12 1.5 FWK-5C-12 2.5 e_FK_WWV_Reva.pdf
total page no.:3
single phase 3 wire FWK-7C-13 1.5 FWK-5C-13 2.5
three phase FWK-7C-33 1.5 FWK-5C-33 2.5
three phase 4 wire FWK-7C-34 1.5 FWK-5C-34 2.5
var meter single phase transducer type FWVK-7C-12 1.5 FWVK-5C-12 2.5
three phase (balanced) FWVBK-7C-33 1.5 FWVBK-5C-33 2.5
three phase (unbalanced) FWVK-7C-33 1.5 FWVK-5C-33 2.5
three phase 4 wire FWVK-7C-34 1.5 FWVK-5C-34 2.5
power fcator meter single phase rectifier type FPK-7C-12 5.0 FPK-5C-12 5.0 e_FK_PA_Reva.pdf
total page no.:3
three phase (balanced) FPBK-7C-33 FPBK-5C-33
three phase (unbalanced) transducer type FPK-7C-33 FPK-5C-33
three phase 4 wire (balanced) rectifier type FPBK-7C-34 FPBK-5C-34
three phase 4 wire (unbalanced) transducer type FPK-7C-34 FPK-5C-34
frequency meter transducer type FAK-7C 1.0 FAK-5C 1.0 e_FK_PA_Reva.pdf
total page no.:3

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