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3 types of oblong meter (12 type/ 10 type/ 8 type): Panel cutout dimension is conformed to ISC1103 standard.
This product is most suitable not only for distribution panel meter but for electric/ electronic equipment set as brand new design is developed for meter cover. This product is a highly reliable meter which is conformed to JISC1102-1 to 9 standard as most suitable operating principle is adopted according to measuring subject.
Use under harsh environment: Various measures are taken on this product for frigid/tropical region specification.

Oblong meter LSK-12C



High quality/ high performance meter.

Product type has been expanded by adopting transducer w/ electronics technology.

Meter w/ flame retardant material can be manufactured as you specify.

2 screws for panel mounting.

catalog for oblong meter LK series

catalog for all type of oblong meter LK series.

total page no.:46
type configuration/ specification/ scale section series common item including type configuration/ common specification/ common special specification/ scale section/ purchase specification/ scale section table. e_LK_kyotsuu_Revb.pdf
total page no.:10

Following catalog is the excerpt of Oblong meter LK series catalog.
series LK-12(N)C LK-10C LK-8C catalog
product operation principle type class type class type class download
DC ammeter moving coil type LMK-12C 1.5 LMK-10C 2.5 LMK-8C 2.5 e_LK_M_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
DC voltmeter LMK-12C 1.5 LMK-10C 2.5 LMK-8C 2.5
DC receiving indicator moving coil type LXK-12C 1.5 LXK-10C 2.5 LXK-8C 2.5 e_LK_XY_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
AC receiving indicator rectifier type LYK-12C 1.5 LYK-10C 2.5 LYK-8C 2.5
AC ammeter moving iron type LSK-12C 1.5 LSK-10C 2.5 LSK-8C 2.5 e_LK_S_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
AC voltmeter LSK-12C 1.5 LSK-10C 2.5 LSK-8C 2.5
AC ammeter rectifier type LCK-12C 1.5 LCK-10 2.5 LCK-8C 2.5 e_LK_C_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2
AC voltmeter LCK-12C 1.5 LCK-10 2.5 LCK-8C 2.5
watthour meter single phase transducer type LWK-12NC-12 1.5 LWK-10C-12 2.5 LWK-8C-12 2.5 e_LK_WWV_Reva.pdf
total page no.:5
single phase 3 wire LWK-12NC-13 1.5 LWK-10C-13 2.5 LWK-8C-13 2.5
three phase LWK-12NC-33 1.5 LWK-10C-33 2.5 LWK-8C-33 2.5
three phase 4 wire LWK-12NC-34 1.5 LWK-10C-34 2.5 LWK-8C-34 2.5
var meter single phase transducer type LWVK-12NC-12 1.5 LWVK-10C-12 2.5 LWVK-8C-12 2.5
three phase
LWVBK-12NC-33 1.5 LWVBK-10C-33 2.5 LWVBK-8C-33 2.5
three phase
LWVK-12NC-33 1.5 LWVK-10C-33 2.5 LWVK-8C-33 2.5
three phase 4 wire LWVK-12NC-34 1.5 LWVK-10C-34 2.5 LWVK-8C-34 2.5
power factor meter single phase rectifier type LPK-12NC-12 5.0 LPK-10C-12 5.0 LPK-8C-12 5.0 e_LK_PPB_Reva.pdf
total page no.2
three phase
LPBK-12NC-33 5.0 LPBK-10C-33 5.0 LPBK-8C-33 5.0
three phase
transducer type LPK-12NC-33 5.0 LPK-10C-33 5.0 LPK-8C-33 5.0
three phase 4 wire
rectifier type LPBK-12NC-34 5.0 LPBK-10C-34 5.0 LPBK-8C-34 5.0
three phase 4 wire
transducer type LPK-12NC-34 5.0 LPK-10C-34 5.0 LPK-8C-34 5.0
frequency meter transducer type LAK-12C 1.0 LAK-10C 1.0 LAK-8C 1.0 e_LK_A_Reva.pdf
total page no.:2

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